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Sławomir Majda

My soul doth magnify the God.

Unusual text. This first was written unconsciously for coming into contact with my own Soul. The perception of prayer by my Soul was also unusual. After several years I saw her.

Together with my Soul I now draw out my hands to You God and ask to unlock my heart on acceptance for all results of my prayer.
My soul doth magnify the God.
It is true that World lay once at my feet. I forgive myself that once I conquered The World, and I lost myself. Now I forgive all my colleagues, all relatives and all my neighbours, who so as me conquered and defeated The World and lost themselves. Teach me God how to live without pain, suffering, chaos and disasters. Free me now God from pressure and stresses of my karma. Free me with Your Divine Love from all my karmic obligations from all my previous incarnations. Allow me and my Soul to easily become the point of concentrating of Your Divine consciousness, through which The Divine Strength and creative Power of Love can flow without a smallest resistance and be expressed through. Release me God from hopelessness, powerlessness and incapacity. Allow me to renew my union with You. Free me now God from condemning me and other beings, as well as from being condemned, rebuked, punished. Teach me God how can I live creatively in Love, but without pain, bad luck, chaos, misfortunes and limitations. I know this when I look towards God’s light shadows, sadness, suffering and all pain disappear from my life forever. Here I am. God, You see me and know me, you also know my Soul. God, You know who I really am. Thanks to You, God, I live and have The Light and Freedom. I forgive myself all faults and mistake that I committed. I realize myself that my soul can’t be lost. Now I’m living easily all cases which can cause fear, suffering, pain, despair and tensions. Free me now God from fear, anger, despair, hesitation and chaos. I now release -forever – traumas, anger, pressure, wrath and poverty. God, fill me therefore with Your Love, joy, fulfillment, goodwill and Divine abundance. I throw aside liability to cultivation trauma, anger, suffering and sorrow. Fill me now with reassurance, hope for better and more magnificent tomorrow than it is today. Show me God how I can practically use Divine Power, Love and Goodwill in overcoming negative attitudes, intentions and limitations. Teach me ,God, how can I become trustworthy companion of Only Strength and compatibly with her to show love, goodwill and peace through creative and full of expressions acts. Free me now forever from being the victim and maker of negative and evil mental patterns. I desire to dedicate my strength, body, mind and soul serving You God. Manage me God, use my abilities in harmony with Highest Good. Allow me, God with desire to use myself, my body, my mind to achieve Your aims, for Your needs. Now I place my life, I place myself, my personality and Soul in one line in service for my Perfection and remain gladly in hands of Creative Strength – God.

My soul doth magnify the God.
I trusted you God. I trust you God boundlessly. God, my Father, by Your mercy, by Your love be with me always, because always and everywhere I propagate and manifest Your love, joy, goodwill and peace. With my human will, will of my soul and mind I desire to stick to You God, to unite with You forever. God, Father of mine, allow me to experience happiness and joy in passing on Your love and joy to other beings. God, Father of mine, let light of Your wisdom, strength and power lead me always so I could and be able to act for Highest Good Mine and other beings. Let my words, my behavior, my activity always bring joy, peace, happiness, abundance and harmony to me and everyone who I meet every day. My God, by Your Love manifested already many times in The World, please make me more aware that You are love, happiness and joy. Love is God. I realize myself that God is love. Love is always creative power and creation in my activity and expression of myself and whole my Soul. I realize myself that Love is always universal and ubiquitous. God, make me alive example of Love to other beings. Allow me God, by living in Your grace, Your love, happiness and joy I would always manifested love, joy, happiness and grace to other beings. Permit me God, to always be Your Companion and always cooperate with You. Allow me to easily become a point of concentration of Your consciousness, across which, The Only Strength and creative power of Love can always flow through, without the smallest resistance and be expressed through. I forgive to all who fed on my resourcefulness, on my initiatives and my enterprise. My resourcefulness and enterprise always results from possibilities of entrusting all my cases to God. My resourcefulness and enterprise always depends on entrusting all my cases to God. I…. I don’t have to be more and more and more resourceful and enterprising in the face of challenges which world gives me because God already made me resourceful and free. I realize myself that my resourcefulness and enterprise really gets from God’s omnipotence. Always when I entrust all my cases to God, He me frees from them and shows where to find the best and the least painful solution. Our Father, You know me – Your child, allow me therefore to get to know my Father, My God – Lord show me the Way. How wonderful Your light and Your Love is. I desire to tread with Your way, Your path and I know that I desire to show always unselfish and brotherly love to my friends and colleges. Allow me God to get to know and be aware of the ideal part of my soul and to manifest Him in material world, here. Help me, I beg You God, in my following after You and help me to make my life safe, easy, light, fulfilled, abundant and pleasant. Allow me God to easily become clean, innocent, safe, wide channel, across which – Your plan for me, as well as all ideals of my soul will be expressed safely, joyfully, easily for the Highest Good. I allow to God to clean my physical, mental, astral and spiritual body. I always gladly and easily meet God and His love in temple of my body. I always easily maintain health and purity of my body – temple in which always lives God.

My soul doth magnify the God.
God, open clean heart in me for faith and knowledge which you give to all, who look for Your likeness, Your energies and love. Strengthen me in faith in my Creator, in other beings and in myself. I always wish with my heart and my soul to obtain and acquire Your righteousness’s and understanding because in You is my support. My Lord, who always hear prayers of my trustworthy, open and happy heart, I turn to You gladly and easily. I give proofs of my love every day gladly and easily. I do this on many various ways, trying to delight me and other beings, without exerting pressure or stresses. Every day I obtain the numerous and clear proofs of love of God and other beings. I always accept love, joy, abundance and happiness on many various ways. God, create in me now this peace, this harmony, this love, which will enable me to understand Your mercy, Your love, Your grace and peace in my Soul. I now allow myself and my Soul to unite with God. I allow myself to lose my will in God and become One with Him.
I praise You God for Your prompts, for Your suggestions and inspirations. I praise You God for all instruments, for force and strength which you give me always so I can skillfully realize Your plan for me in Your glory. I thank You God for sweetness of life which is given to me by realizing Your Plan, Your prompts and inspirations. Teach me God, how to make choices leading me to experiencing endless happiness, joy, love, peace and free me from all intentions of leading myself to suffering, pain, darkness, death and disharmony. God make me strong by Your powers and intentions. Inspire me how in the best way I can serve my parents, grandfathers, friends and other beings and how to love others and myself. Support me in my work in my every creative activity. God, be my Guide and when day by day You grant me new chances, make my hands, my mind and body act as they are Your own. Teach me God to follow according to Your plan and to be fully aware that I strengthen Your will. Teach me the Lord how can I hear and understand Your voice in me, that voice which leads me safely to reunion with the Creative Strength of Universe. Allow me God to use Your love and Your light to fully understand what You want me to do day by day. Let Your glory become known by promises You deposited to me and other beings. I am willing to become God’s eyes and hands. I am eager to think God’s way. Lord, allow me please, for my mind, body, and soul to be in unity with You forever -so I could know You better. God, make Your desires and expectations to become my desires. Let my desires will be Yours desires in soul and truth. Let desires of my heart lead me to deeper and completer study of God. Let not my will but Your will fulfill in me and by me. Free me now with Your love, power and knowledge from being enemy for myself and other beings and from possession enemies and opponents in my own personality and me. Free me now God from impetuosity, impatience in reaching my aims. Allow me to realize myself that I can and am able to treat other beings as I treat You and myself, giving others love, joy, goodwill, peace of my soul through my activities. God make my soul to sing with joy always when I speak to my neighbours, parents and to You. God let me be aware of this, when I meet neighbors, I meet God’s Power and its always in their activities and life and let me understand that they are One with me. Teach me God how to use Your knowledge and power for Your glory. Allow me God to live closer to You and to enjoy awareness of this fact. Allow me to be always aware, that I live, move and exist in You and allow me to deposit all my cases in Your hands and stay in them in every moment of my life. Let me always live, think and behave in my activities, so I would always know and understand that God is with me and by the light of His Love enlightened my existence. Teach me God how can I live in good relations with all beings. Teach me I beg You how can I live safely in harmony with my soul, with myself and other beings. Teach me I beg You how can I live without losing my individuality among people and neighbours and at the same time in Your abundance and love. Allow me God to be always aware that we ALL are a part of God and Creative Strength is in every one of us. Lord, together with me They all are Your. Use Me, use Them for the Highest Good.

Translated ,,Wielbi Dusza moja Boga” by Marcin Guminiak Link

I’m looking for person who can translate several of my prayers (for example Asiatic languages, not necessarily English)

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